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The day that Love Laura Swimwear realised Lisa Snowdon was a new customer..

It was a typical day in the life of the Love Laura customer service team,  busy working away when PING a happy text notification "you have a new order" and with delight we all cheer and we start to chat with our new customer..

Our new customer is called Lisa, she requires some help with sizing as she hasn't bought a one piece from Love Laura before..

We arrange for the correct size to be made to order and Lisa is very grateful for accommodating her bespoke requirement, we exchange a few emails ensuring her order is their in time for her travel dates.. 

A few days passed then kate in our social media team piped up in the office..

"Have we got an order from a lady called Lisa Snowdon? because the "Lisa Snowdon from ITV This Morning, you know, Britain's Top Model has just liked our post and started to follow and comment??"

We all started to dance around the office with delight!

So we messaged Lisa and told her that we didn't have a clue that she was the "Lisa Snowdon" from the TV.. 

Lisa and Cath laughed and Lisa totally played down who she was (such a gorgeous down to earth girl).  Our team decided to go and meet Lisa whilst in London and ensure her one piece and two piece fitted perfectly, she was so pleased with our service both before and after our knowledge of who she was.

Off Lisa went on holiday where she was interviewed by the Hello Magazine and we received fabulous pictures and a video from our new customer.  Companies tend to have to pay celebrities to wear and promote their clothes, whilst we were discovered by the very gorgeous Lisa and due to her generosity and wonderful spirit she shared her discovery with everyone.

For a young company to gain a customer like Lisa with her impeccable taste, style and fashion sense and to further more be aligned with other brands in her holiday wardrobe like Amanda Wakeley was a special moment for our designer and team..

We will always treasure that Lisa Snowdon discovered Love Laura Swimwear..

Lisa's feedback sits on our website, we look forward to providing swimwear for her future jaunts and we want to thank her for socialising the quality of our swimwear..

“I love my one piece and bikini as they fit so well, its such amazing quality and its so unique.  I’m always asked where its from”

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